Science Notebook

Science Notebook - use this page to create one!

We will do Steps 1-6 below, then start searching for articles at Science News online, for your Claim, Evidence and Reason Writing Assignment (CLR #1)

Step 1 - Do you have a Google/gmail account?

Yes - go to Step 2

No - go to and click the red CREATE AN ACCOUNT button

  • You may need your cell phone to create this account as Google will text you a confirmation number.

Step 2 - Go to Google Sites ( and enter your gmail address and password

Step 3 - Click red CREATE button, and on next page name your site:

Your site name should be first initial, middle initial, last name plus Science Notebook(example pslandgraf Science Notebook)

Your site location below should be the same.

Make sure you have selected blank template at top, type in captcha code, then scroll back to top and click red CREATE button.

Step 4 -

Go to your site.

Click on MORE button at top

Choose MANAGE SITE in drop down menu

Choose THEMES in left column

Pick a theme you like and SAVE it

Step 5 -

Click on + button at top

Add pages (CLR Article #1, CLR Article #2, CLR Article #3)

Make sure you put each page you add under HOME.

Step 6 - Permissions You will need to grant Mrs. Sherman the right to view and edit your page. We will do this with iPads since it works on Safari but not Internet Explorer.

Step 7 - Add this text to your pages:

Claim, Evidence, Reasoning Article Search #1

Choose an interesting article from the Science News webpage: (

  • What is the title of the article?

  • Who is the author?

  • What is the date & source of the article? * Source is the name of magazine or database

Using the article, please answer the following questions in complete sentences.

  • What is the author's claim? *

  • What evidence supports the author's claim? *

  • Using science principles and vocabulary, explain how/why the evidence supports the author's claim (REASONING).